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What we do

Hawera Finance lends funds primarily to private borrowers.

Secured Loans

Secured loans are typically made for cars, personal loans for family purposes etc. Security is taken over vehicles, property and other assets and Guarantors are required where sufficient security is not available. These loans typically range from $1000 up to a general ceiling of $5000, although occasionally larger loans may be approved.

QuikCash Loans

These are unsecured loans over a short term. They are designed for use where clients have income, but no suitable security and need funds quickly for an unexpected bill, bond or similar. Generally no security is taken but the loan is short term and payments are higher. We limit these loans to under $1000 and up to a maximum of three months. You need to have regular income to your bank account; payments are usually via Direct Debit or Wage/Benefit Deduction etc.


Hawera Finance's policy of closely matching loan amounts to the customer's ability to repay ensures that the company manages the risk inherent in its loan portfolio and operates profitably. A commitment to personal service and remaining flexible for our customers are among the core values that have enabled the Company to develop into the successful business it is today. Hawera Finance does not maintain relationships with other lenders or third party vendors. The primary sources of our new business are referrals from existing customers, repeat customers and local businesses seeking finance for their clientele. Clients are typically local Taranaki people plus a small number across all New Zealand. Often they have had loans with the company before - some would be regarded by mainstream lenders as high risk (they may have bad credit records etc.). We review each applicant with a strict set of criteria and make our decisions on loan applications taking into account all aspects of the applicant's situation and changes which may have occurred in their circumstances etc.

Our Customers

Our customers often do not meet the lending criteria traditionally applied by mainstream lenders such as trading banks due to a combination of factors - including the small loan values, many customers being on lower incomes etc., or beneficiaries with an adverse credit rating. Frequent borrowing requirements and limited security combined with the high costs of administering such loans may make some customers unattractive to larger organisations. We work closely with the customer to understand their budget and ensure that payments are affordable. Most loans are structured with weekly repayments so that smaller manageable payments are being made. Where possible we arrange for payments to be deducted at source either via the employers or by WINZ.

Deposit Funds

Deposit funds are sought in parcels ranging from $2000 up to $50000 per investor. A minimum term of one year's investment is required. After a period of one year, funds will be available on call. Unless RWT Exemption Certificates are provided, we are required to deduct RWT on your behalf at the appropriate rate. All aspects of deposit funding is monitored and processed via the company's financial package (FinPower). Deposit certificates, deposits funds tracked, interest payments calculated and RWT certificates are all processed via the system. This investment is not covered by the NZ Government Guarantee. It is a private investment which would be made directly with the company and no public prospectus is available. Contact us to discuss this further.