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About Us


Hawera Finance commenced trading in March 2000 and was owned and operated by a local Hawera based accountancy business, Brian E Prestidge and Associates. The business was offered for sale late in 2009 due to a re-focusing on the family accounting business as the finance company business had grown to the point where it was impacting upon the accounting focus.

Trevor Harrowfield was seeking a new venture and became aware of the business. A period of investigation and negotiation followed culminating in the purchase of the business in December 2009. A new company was registered to operate the business and was named identically to the old one, Hawera Finance Limited.

Following the change of ownership in December 2009, we moved the business to rented premises situated at 1 Glover Road, Hawera. In 2012 we moved into our own premises - and are now permanently situated at 12 Wellington Street, Hawera.

The Business

Because we are locally based, we find that clients generally value the relationship they have with us. Hawera Finance has prudently managed its operations during a period when many competitors have either failed or exited the industry.

Currently, the business operates 12 hours per week and employs a local Manager who has worked in the business for some time. The clients are generally well known to us and are established in the local community. Trevor Harrowfield spends half of each week in the local Hawera office plus support from our Palmerston Nth office at other times.

Our Hawera office hours are 10am to 2pm Wednesday to Friday (on normal business days, closed on Statutory Holidays).

Following the purchase, we have significantly increased the book value of the business and are now seeking deposit funds from investors to fund further growth. Contact us if you have any interest in discussing this aspect further.